Cakenis Dubai

Cakenis by Hanis Zalikha

Say hello to another addition of Cakenis TRIO: Cakenis Dubai! It has been 6 months since our last Trio collection and requests for more trio has gone over the roof! Even better, this collection features everybody’s favourite colour: black!

Although it was only a 3-hour layover, the sensibility of having to step into this modern metropolis and yet never being able to explore leaves a lingering feeling in Hanis’s mind. Take this feeling and add it with the longing to travel during this lockdown, this is the inspiration of our next Cakenis Trio collection: Cakenis Dubai! This trio collection comes in three most sought-after colours of Skyline (Black), Sand Dunes (Nude) and Palm Tree (Brown).

Type                : Plain trio chiffon shawl
Material           : Heavy chiffon shawl

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