We are in Paradise!

February 15, 2017

We are in Paradise!

The much anticipated bawal printed shawl by TudungRuffle is now available. As the name bawal suggests, it is a square shawl. Back to the olden days where rectangular shawl were rare and everyone wears square scarf. 

For Paradise printed shawl comes in two different materials which are korean voile (cotton) and satin silk. Korean voile is soft and easily shape. For those who prefer non-slippery material, you can give korean voile a try. If you like to glam up a bit, you can give satin silk a try. Surprisingly, the satin silk is non-slippery in the inside! Due to the different fabric use, there are slight difference in price as well. Korean Voile has a metal plate sew on it whereas satin silk has no metal plate sew on it.


All Paradise shawl comes with an exclusive box!
Perfect for a gift to yourself or someone. 
Paradise Korean Voile in Grey
Paradise Satin Silk in Grey
Paradise Korean Voile in Dusty Purple
Paradise Satin Silk in Dusty Purple
Paradise Korean Voile in Dusty Pink
Paradise Satin Silk in Dusty Pink
Grab yours now!
Much Love,
Ritzydee <3

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