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June 27, 2016

I was contemplating for way too long on whether I should upload photos containing myself in my instagram. I did upload after my 1st Ramadhan Bazaar and deleted the photo after a few seconds. Haha.

I consulted a few people close to me (my husband, whifflove founder and close friends), all said 'YES'. To upload those photos is like a GINORMOUS step for someone like me. If you do walk pass by me in the streets, you will never be able to pick me out cos I blend with the environment. What you would call...just an average person. Which is GOOD! I hate attention and attention makes me feel awkward and I wish I could disappear in a blackhole. 

Fun facts about me:

1. I love slippers and that's my main footwear cos its so comfortable. I wore havaiannas for Eid last year.

2. My everyday look/wear

      - comfy clothes (no ironing needed is the best!)

      - bareface (less worry about melting make up and smudges)

      - longchamp bag (you can fit everything inside!)

3. I love meeting new people but at the same time I will take time to get warmed up. I will appear to be very very shy initially. I willlll smile awkwardly and look awkward initially!

4. I love toying with new ideas and trying to think something out of the box. Due to constraints, I can only play with it in my mind for now. 

5. I tried selling things online twice and failed prior to this. The first was with a friend selling korean clothes. The second time was crafting handmade jewellery (brooches and earrings).

Crafting jewellery was fun but tiring and time consuming at the same time! In Shaa Allah, I can revisit after i'm done with my studies after year 2017. To be where I am today, is a huge step and makes me feel like i'm in a dreamland. haha. Alhamdulillah for all the support. Without the customers, there is no Ritzydee. For that, THANK YOU very much! We will strive to do better each day.

A piece of advise to everyone out there. Never let your self-esteem to impede your dreams. Yes, it may take time and lots of courage but you have to try to know the outcome. Its ok if things were to crumble or fail, at least you tried and take it as a learning experience. If you do things better alone, so be it. You can still garner feedbacks from others which is equally important. Never give up and think that your ideas/products are stupid (I do feel this way sometimes. Guilty,as charge!). Perhaps, it just needs more polishing.

Yesterday, I met the woman behind Gaya Magazine. I was very much dumbfounded and amaze. Haha! In Shaa Allah will write a separate post on this one day.

Much Love,

Dee <3

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