Say 'No'

September 04, 2016

Hi beautiful people!

Sometimes I wonder, do anyone even read my blogpost! haha. 

I received a lot of messages regarding preorder of Cakenis and etc. It broke my heart every single time when I said 'No'. I know, sometimes you just wanna secure that beautiful thing that you have your eye on. Sorry, I just had to burst that bubble of yours.

I would love to take preorder just to know that I got most of the things sold and not worry about losses. Here's the thing, this humble business/shop is not about making money ONLY. Customers have trust in us to deliver what they paid for. To me, that is a responsibility/amanah that I have to fulfil. With that in mind, I prefer to receive my items and do quality check before putting it online. Honestly, its not always sunny! Shipment do get delayed. Not all items are sellable cos it failed my QC. Human err, do no expect perfection. I always remind myself to remain calm in adversities. The horror of some stories! With that in mind, I hope you understand my stand on not doing preorder. However, I do take reservation of maximum 5 people with no advance payment needed. Of course, I will lay down the above to them. I feel rezeki is always there so long I am sincere in whatever I do. I am truly thankful to be doing this cos it has been a dream in progress since 2009. hehe.

Another thing that I say 'No' to will be normal mail. It is not even an option I will consider.  I am a consumer myself and yes I do get my things missing. The heartpain of it. Sighs. I do not want my customers to go through that pain! Tracking number is very very useful to track your items and make claims. Keep it safely till you receive your items.

Just remember, if you need to enquire or face some problems with your items feel free to whatsapp me and i'll try to help wherever possible. 


Much Love,

Ritzydee <3


(ps: I received whatsapp orders during the launch of Cakenis Fume new colors and i'm so sorry I have to redirect you back to website for orders. I was busy preparing for exams. Thank you for your kind understanding.)


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