Safinah Spiritual Summit 2017

August 12, 2017

Safinah Spiritual Summit 2017

We were involved in a booth during Safinah Spiritual Summit 2017 last weekend. 

It's just amazing to see how much Safinah Institute has grown. I was a student of theirs for a short stint of a few months in 2009. I choose Safinah as classes were delivered in English and I feel accepted. Accepted and very much comfortable. Another thing that I like about Safinah is that they give opportunities for non-hijabis sisters to attend lectures and seek knowledge as well. I was in that position once. Wanting to seek knowledge but wasn't ready to don the hijab. It was so hard back then. I hope and pray that Safinah Institute will succeed further in the future. 

There was celebrities and new caster presence as emcees/moderators. Screenbox was there the whole event as their media partner.  Most importantly, lectures were delivered by 16 local Asatizah. The Mufti was there too. It was a beautiful event. So enriching. Masya'Allah. I just can't move on yet from the event.

They had a quote book.. The quotes were from the different Asatizah. The book was beautifully written and illustrated. Its selling for $18 and part of the money will be donated to PERGAS. If I heard correctly, part of the funds will be used for ex-Asatizah who is ill and needs financial assistance. The medical cost in Singapore is increasing. Usually, the middle-class get sandwiched and not eligible for assistance nor could they afford long term medical expenses. The book can be purchase directly at Safinah's website. These ex-Asatizah, has played a BIG role in nurturing and shaping our current Asatizah and the community as a whole.

My heartfelt gratitude with my fellow vendors who lend a helping hand. Hijab Co girls was so nice to help babysit my friend's baby. 

If you're looking for natural aromatic skincare do drop by whifflove . Their products are handmade by Aisha Alhadad. She is so passionate about what she is doing and believe in the benefits of her products. 

If you're looking for heat pack/cold pack or what Liana calls it as a soothing pillow, do search for @souf_sg (ig/carousell). Her pillows are handmade and sewn by her. Amazing isn't it! The smell of the pillow is so calming thanks to the lavender. 

If you're looking for salted egg chips/fish skin, do order from emma salted egg chips. You can have it in non-spicy, spicy and very spicy! They always get sold out during events! Her fish skin doesn't have that 'hamis/hangih' feel in case you're wondering. Tasted two bags during the event. 

Before I forget. The abayas was hot selling. Its none other than by Marlena. The vendor is so friendly will layan you even if you were to come by 5-6times. True story cos I was so fickle-minded and there's too much choice. 

Do check out the above vendors and don't forget to check us out too!

Thanks for taking the time to read.


Much Love <3, 



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