Ritzydee Events 2018

January 01, 2019

Ritzydee Events 2018

Hi All!

Its been sometime since I've blog here.

This year we had two events for year 2018. Both event falls on December 2019 two weeks apart



I was approached by Belle herself for the event we had at Bugis +. Belle is from Le Belle Beaute Cosmetics and she make her own facial mist at an affordable price. She also bring in other products as well. Belle is such a nice person and has so many brilliant ideas that make me go WOW and she is so generous in sharing knowledge. Through her and the event I met the founder of Revered Artistry. She does plush sponges, fake eyelash and etc. I've stocked up her sponges to last me a year! Her sponges are affordable, soft and doesn't absorb so much of your product. To add on, she's a certified make up artist. She knows her things. 

I have never imagined working with the two reputable brands. Alhamdulillah, it worked well. We even shop a little at other vendors in Bugis+. That was the start of doing booth with new people and trying not to feel awkward. 

I've always wanted to joined Celebfest for a couple of years. Due to work commitment and school, I don't have the extra energy. Yes, our first time in Celebfest and i'm not sure how will things turn out. I decided to join Daisilia & Co for Celebfest. I can just sing praises for Daisilia & Co. The furnitures are all ready for us vendors and they even have cashier for us. For a small owner for me, every bit that they do for us helps us heaps. The crowd turnout was good. I even get to take photos with my favorite celebs after buying their products. I went shopping at my nearby vendors in Daisilia & Co. Manage to get turbans from Aaila.sg, pants from AFonline, shirt dress from Pure the label and hijabs from The Turkish Cloth.

Special thanks to Aisha from Whifflove, for granting my request to have Whifflove products onboard. Having to work extra to get her items ready for Celebfest. 

Getting to meet and take photo with Hanis Zalikha is still the best highlight! Lols.

To all my customers be it online or those who went to our booth, THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart! We will meet you again in 5-7 April 2019 for Twilight.

Thank you, once again!


Much Love,

Ritzydee <3 



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