Ritzydee Event 2019: The Web Garden

February 21, 2019

Ritzydee Event 2019: The Web Garden

Our first event for the year 2019 organised by Deepduzt. Deepduzt curates modest Muslimah wear. Isn't it amazing? There will be 23 vendors.

It will be an all ladies event on 24th February (Sunday). Hence, ladies only are allowed to be in the shopping area at Al Qudwah. It will be from 1pm - 6.30pm. 

Products that is available at our booth:

- Revered Artistry Plush Sponge & cots

- Shade Dough by Hanis Zalikha

- BIBIR & Mata by Syed Faizal Beauty

- Nora Lush lip matte

- Fayce Foundation & Buriti Oil

-Kidz Paradize balms & blends

There will be testers for you to try out before purchasing.

Mode of payment will be DBS Paylah! , PayNow , Ibanking and cash.

See you there!


Much Love,

Ritzydee <3

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