Post Frinally Fete 1.0

March 14, 2017

Post Frinally Fete 1.0

Our first public event/booth for 2017!

Alhamdulillah, it went well despite the rain on Day 2 of our booth. We shared a booth with Whifflove again. I am too comfortable with Whifflove founder. Haha. So much love for her positive aura and energy.

Was too busy preparing for the event that I have no time to update this dusty blog. The bulk of our customers are from Instagram and we do our updates mostly there. Do follow us in IG.

I'm always WOW-ed by people who constantly has a booth and the variety of items they brought along. I always taught it was a glam job cos not everyone will want to have a booth. I figure it out along the way in that 3 days. Haha.

Seriously, its no glam job especially under the hot sun! Sweat buckets and wet pits is so so yucky and can affect one's mood. Regardless my mood and damp hijab/top, I have to SMILEEEEE and say 'HIIIIII'. Naturally, i'm a shy person. I had to tell myself, I have to kick the shyness away. I even ask my fellow customers whether I could take a pic with them. That is EFFORT.  

It was a great and exhausting experience. Usually,I will bring along my hijabs and/or lipsticks. This time round, I've decided to bring along apparel. It was such a struggle to set up and bring down everything at the end of everyday. How do vendors do Bazaar Geylang for a month?!!! Share some tips,please. Haha! Being on the ground and meeting customers is so fulfilling. From the bottom of my heart, THANKKK YOUUU so much. Little things such as smiling back at me, interacting with me and taking my name card can be so rewarding. I prefer to expect less since i'm quite new in this. In Shaa Allah, will look forward to more of such event in the future.

Have a great week ahead!


Much Love,
Ritzydee <3


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