Origami Cake LE!

October 20, 2019

Origami Cake LE!

This post came in late 2 weeks post launched of the Origami Cake.

Sorry ladies for the delay. Too much excitement but the lack of time hence the delay. No worries, follow us in IG for up to date updates always. 

Cakenis have been having the LE Birthday Cake edition for the last two years surrounding Hanis Zalikha's birthday month in October. I think our Caknis-sans are looking for something new and not Birthday Cake (again!). For this year, its Origami Cake to celebrate Hanis Zalikha's birthday. Yes, its limited edition!

Love the prints. Subtle and eye pleasing not messy. I love prints but sometimes its so hard to match with my clothes without looking like a clown. This origami Cake comes in pastel colors and two bold colors. These pastel colors can be easily match with solid colors clothes of course. Pastels are more to light pink, blue and beigey brownish color. The bold colors are in fuschia(pink) and orange. Hanis Zalikha really like her orange tone from her scarfs to her lippies. Hehe.

If you have not join in the bandwagon of Cakenis and get hooked, you should give this Origami Cake a try. The material is similar to that of Marble Cake. The hooks are my saviour when I can't find my safety pin to pin the scarf around the chin area.

If you wanna know more about Cakenis products be it their scarfs and petite oil, feel free to browse here.


Much Love,

Ritzydee <3

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