New Arrival: Missnones

August 06, 2016

New Arrival: Missnones

Hi, ladies!

We have a new arrival this week from TudungRuffle. This is a tie-back instant shawl made of heavy chiffon that can fit whichever face shape you have. According to the owner, this shawl is 'anti-tembam' (meaning: won't make your face appear chubby). 

I officially launch it in instagram yesterday cos its easier and convenient. Also, I had no time to launch it in the website. The moment I launch it in instagram, whatsapp messages keep coming. I was suppose to be studying but I just had to reply to your enquiries. Its so tempting and a distraction from my boring notes. haha! Some colors were sold out in that few minutes! I heard you ladies and my inner self, will restock the colors and bring in new colors. Yes, I want to own one too for myself in that color. 

You ladies are just awesome! Thank you so much for your kind support and words. Some even gave their best wishes for my test. Felt so touch! 

Stay tune for the next restock and new colors! Follow us at instagram and turn on your notifications. Oh, we have more awesome things on the way!

Goodnight, ladies!


Much love,

Ritzydee <3

(p/s: I almost gave up blogging. Too sleepy. Only had 4 hrs of sleep and squeezing my brain juice for test followed by group meeting and yada yada yada till now. I still got tons to do for ritzydee and my love of anything beautiful for you beautiful ladies. hehe.)

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