Mother's Day Sale 2017

May 07, 2017

Mother's Day Sale 2017

We hope you see this at the right timing!

Yes, we are having sale in conjunction with Mother's Day. What better way to celebrate this joyous occasion with a little something for them! The sacrifices they went through to raise us along side our father. 

Things on sale:

- Shade Dough (Peach Puree & Cinnamon Roll)

- Bibir (Sunrays, Amberlocks, Trixie and the new colors released)

- Cakenis (Fume & Temasek)

- TudungRuffle (Chicnones, Rapunzel, Missnones, Missnones Diament)

- The Grandahlia (Eve, Royale Kate & Basic Dahlia)

- Clothes ranging from Bell Bottom, Pleated Pants, Culottes, Baby Doll, Front Pleat Top and more


Just type 'Mother's Day' in the search box and there's the list of items on sale.

You might just want to pair up with ur mom for a mother-daughter outing and OOTD together.

Have fun ladies! 


Much Love,

Dee <3

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