Make Up Review #3: BIBIR Velvet

June 17, 2017

Make Up Review #3: BIBIR Velvet

BIBIR is out with a new texture of lip product which is...VELVET.

Now, come in 6 colors!

There's definitely a color for everyone with different skin tone.

What's the difference between velvet and matte lip color?

Tried and tested by myself.

1. It is less drying than the matte one.

2. There was no peeling of the lips despite fasting and zero use of lipbalm.

3. Product is easy to apply on the lips. Glide smoothly.

4. The colors are just too beautiful!

For those of you who love nude colors, HONEY is definitely a must buy!

Yes, one of my favorite colors and the very first color that I tried on.

Our BIBIR promo is still on till eve of Eid. Read the previous post for the promo code.

Here are the colors and swatches for BIBIR Velvet.

Don't forget to get your BIBIR in matte and/or velvet for Eid!


Much Love,

RItzydee <3

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