Kylie Cosmetics

July 18, 2016

Kylie Cosmetics

Hello Ladies!!!

We've brought in some Kylie Cosmetics goodies. Yes yes, that highly rave brand which the lip kits were gone within 20mins after its very first launch! We heard bad reviews and complaints about it when it was initially launch. Mainly the brush issue and leakage. Fast forward to now, they have done lots of improvement on their products and change their brush. We will still do our very own QC to ensure there is no leakage. However, we will not be opening your lipsticks to check. All beauty products has a good to use for certain number of months after date of opening. We do not want to shortlive that for you. However,do get back to us if you encounter any problems. Here are some of the beautiful swatches. 

How to differentiate the REAL thing with the fake?

1. The smell. The REAL thing smell like vanilla or cupcake smell. It has a pleasant smell. The fake smell like 'Sheltox' as described by my friend (cos I never had one). 

2. There's some slight packaging difference. With time,the fake ones are improving their packages to look somewhat similar. 

3. Color wise, the fake ones look paler than the original ones. 

Please keep a lookout! Yes, fake ones are cheaper but ingredients wise we may never know how safe it is. Especially, if they smell like 'Sheltox'. Yikes!


Why do I bring in Kylie Cosmetics?

Trying/Using is believing. I don't usually go for matte lipsticks cos I'll end up with peeling super dry lips. I used MAC before. Yes, I did apply lip balm prior to the matte lipstick. Kylie Cosmetic is different, its not drying especially if I were to wear lip balm. After the lipstick dry up, I don't even feel that i'm wearing a lipstick! It is long lasting when paired with the lipliner which is included in the lip kit. With that, I never look back on a matte lipstick and fall in love with it. You just need a little of the lipstick and it goes a long way! I can say goodbye to my satin lipstick!

If you have friends wearing Kylie Cosmetics, go bug them for a review or even let you test some if they allow. I hope this helps! I may or may not bring this in again. Feel free to feedback to us via Whatsapp @91281197 or drop us an email at


Sealed with a kiss,

Ritzydee <3


Updated on 23/7/16

I have tried Kylie Gloss. Initial application might feel sticky. Subsequently, lip will feel moist like I'm wearing a lip balm. With alll glosses, they do not last long.This was acceptable in my opinion. Yes, they do leave a slight stain on cups. Better than any glosses I had and used before.

What goes well with the gloss?

You can apply on top of your matte lipstick to give some moist or add on some sheen on your lips! 

If you really like long lasting and weightless lip product, I will highly recommend the Kylie Lip Kit or Kylie Liquid Liptick.

You may ask what's the difference between lip kit and liquid lipstick? 

- Lip Kit comes with lip liner and liquid lipstick (matte consistency). It comes in a set.

- Liquid lipstick is singles not in a set. The liquid lipstick is in matte consistency.      

Of course, there is a price difference (refer to website).

I really hope this info/post will be helpful to you ladies!

Feel free to whatsapp me at 91281197 for enquiries.


Sealed with a kiss,

Ritzydee <3

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