November 16, 2019


When I started to wear the hijab,I was like say no more to bad hair days!

Till I chance upon bad hijab days. Oh No! My mood from happy goes to grumpy. There's a lot of factors that contribute to normal/good hijab days.

1. The type of inner you use

Ensure that the inner you use is snug(not too tight) so that your inner & hijab stay put with the aid of a pin. If your inner is loose and worn out, its high time to let go of it.  Loose inner -> moving inners -> moving hijab (your baby hair/hair will start to peek from the inner).

2. The awning is meh

This is up to individual preference. Some like it flat or with a peak. If you want it to have a nice peak, you can spray some start so that it harden and easily peak/shape. 

3. The material that you use

I feel that heavy chiffon is the easiest to use and shape with an effortless flow for everyday use/ work. My heavy chiffon are all from Cakenis.

I love jersey too on lazy days that I just need to rush and have no time to iron my hijab. However, usually jersey material is thick and it will go flat with no peak. I got my Jerseys from Adlina Anis or Ettahir Sg.

The trickiest material is the oh so slippery but nice satins. It just make you look more dressed up and easily peak. This material is easy to drape if you have a little bit of patience. Please ensure ample pins to secure them. My favorite satins are from Cakenis and Adlina Anis.

I can't use voile or pashmina shawl kind of material thanks to my sensitive skin and the friction. The sides of my face will itch and turn red. Hello pimples will follow soon. 

We have a few collection available in store to minimise your bad hijab day.

1. Cakenis Collection 

2. The Grandahlia Collection (semi-instant with snow cap attached)

You don't have to search for your inner no more. This semi-instant, doesn't come with any face so you don't have to worry if it fits your face. You will drape according to your face shape. Easy-peasy!

Do check them out.


Much Love,

RItzydee <3

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