August 07, 2016

I've been visiting here frequently to make sure things are working. Though at times, I overlook certain colors especially when there is too many colors for one design. My apologies. Thank you to those who alerted me. You guys are just awesome!

Certainly, to err is human. We will try our very best to minimise it, of course! 

I'm getting bored of the website outlook. Not sure about you ladies. Hmms. For whom I am, I don't quite like a monotonous life and I look forward to things/events that excite me. Be it a single pen that I just bought in a different color/design. Simple and cheap pleasure. I feel this website is in a dire need of change. I just cannot stare at it any longer. Also, I'm starting to spot things that we have overlooked and need to be address. Let's just wait for Cakenis and TudungRuffle new arrival and we'll see how it goes. Due to my jam packed school schedule (2 test, 3 graded presentation, 1 exam paper and numerous tutorial-base presentation) in August, we have to wait till September/October before this face-lift takes place. 

Its good enough that I can breathe and not hyperventilate. Lols. If you do see me outside, pardon me for my stone face and not noticing you (or smiling at you) . Often a time, I will just 'jalan menonong' or 'stoning' and don't look at people. Worst still, if I don't wear my spectacles. Everything is a blur!

Nevertheless, from the bottom of my heart thank you for your awesome support and I really really appreciate it. Stay happy and healthy always! If you have any suggestion(s) for our face-lift, you may do so and email us ( hello@ritzydee.com ). We will look forward to your suggestion(s)!


Much Love,

Ritzydee <3

(p/s: I have restocked Kate by Grandahlia in limited quantity and colors. Some of the previous colors that I brought in is out of stock at supplier side. )


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