Eid 2018

June 06, 2018

Eid 2018

This post came a bit late since we are left with less than 2 weeks to the end of Ramadhan. Time flies! I'm not ready to bid goodbye to this bless month of Ramadhan yet.

How's your Eid preparation ladies....? If you have not done your preparation yet, no worries. You can do your shopping online with us after your Terawih or on your way to work or lunch time even. There's still time to get your lipstick (Bibir/Shade Dough), foundation (Fayce), BB cream (KidzParadize), Abaya (MashalAbaya) and hijab (Cakenis/ TudungRuffle/ Grandahlia/ Adlina Anis). Everything under one online store!

Just a short one on our new arrivals in view of Eid. BIBIR by Syed Faizal Beauty now comes in Matte and Vinyl. They have coconut in them so that your lips aren't dry and it smells yummy that you wanna lick your lips. I've been using the vinyl one in Fame during this Ramadhan. Vinyl is like lipgloss. You know how lip gloss colors are cos all you can see is the gloss and not much of the color. Surprisingly, the vinyl for BIBIR is pigmented. I love coral colors. If you do, you should add Fame/ Social/ Summer/Sexy/Shine in your cart. If you prefer earth tones, Fear/Skin/Foxy you may want to consider. The rest (Selfie/Super/Secret/Fresh) are more to pinkish or mauve tone. Some colors compliment one another and you can mix and match the matte ones with the vinyl finish. If you have been following Syed Faizal Beauty, you do know that you can use them on your eyelids as eyeshadow. Oh, blusher too!

For our much rave Fayce Foundation that sells like hot cakes, you can read the previous post.  In my honest opinion, it doesn't break me out and its long lasting. It doesn't feel heavy on the face. I tried drugstore brands to high end brands that cost almost $80 per bottle, i'm so lucky that I chance upon Fayce Foundation. It cost $26 only and is comparable to high end ones. 

Shade Dough came out with their breakfast club of 7 new shades. The colors are so beautiful that there's one shade for everyone. Yes, I do still bring in their previous shades. If you love multi-purpose make up items, you can use it as a cream blusher on your cheeks.

Cakenis came out with their new limited edition known as Cakenis Moth Cake in 6 colors. I love the design of the flowers it comes in pastel and bold colors. I'm not a square person. Neverrrrr. Since I got a couple of defect square scarf, I took them and wore it out. You can wear the square scarf as shawl too ladies! Go youtube and google for tutorial. There's coverage as well to cover the front area for modesty. I'm not turning my back on square shawl no more.

TudungRuffle which is famous for their hybrid scarf of bawal shawl, we have it in satin for that little glam.

For instant chiffon & lycra we have flowery patterns from Grandahlia.

Our Abaya are left with limited limited sizes. Do get them while you can.

The best part is...items are all instock. You just need to wait for Singpost to send/deliver to you which is not within my control. Please take note of the mailing cut off days if you want to receive your items in time for Raya (refer to instagram).

I shall end my not so short blog post. Sorry got carried away. 

Have an amazing remaining of Ramadhan. In Shaa Allah may we always be in good health so that we can meet with the following Rejab, Syaaban and Ramadhan again.

Till my next post.

Apologies for my grammar and spelling mistakes. When I type, I type with the flow and ignore the rest. hehe.

An advance Eid Mubarak to all of you. Apologies on our shortcomings while serving you. 

Much Love,

Ritzydee <3

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