Eid 2017: Rufflefeather by TudungRuffle

May 01, 2017

Eid 2017: Rufflefeather by TudungRuffle

We have started to source out hijabs for the upcoming Eid 2017.

Some may say, "Ramadhan belum pun start dah nak beli barang raya...".

You can always browse through to know your choices and shop at the comfort of your house or office if you don't feel like joining the crowd in Bazaar Geylang.

For those who would like to glam up and feel different this Raya, you might want to consider our Rufflefeather by TudungRuffle. Rufflefeather is made from Japanese Voile and ostrich feathers as an adornment on the square shawl. There are plain ones and more glam ones with swarovski scattered on the shawl. Japanese voile is a soft material made from cotton or cotton blended fabric.

Some may ask how to care for Rufflefeather due to its uniqueness.

1. Handwash with a soft detergent.

2. If you need to machine wash, place it in a laundry bag. 

3. Hang dry the shawl.

4. Tips from the TudungRuffle girlboss: You can blow it with a hairdryer to add volume to it or make it less stiff.

Click  here  to browse through Rufflefeather and Rufflefeather swarovski. It comes in 8 different colors! We are bringing in limited pieces for each color from different design. We received reservations when we launch it in Instagram within minutes! Collection is open for preorder till we have stocks at hand, kindly whatsapp us at +65 91281197 to make reservations and place your order. 


Much Love,
Dee <3


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