Cakenis Temasek (Singapura..Oh Singapura)

March 28, 2017

Cakenis Temasek (Singapura..Oh Singapura)

"Singapura, oh, Singapura,
Sunny island sets in the sea.
Singapura, oh, Singapura,
Pretty flowers bloom for you and me."

This series ignite my childhood!

Temasek is a synonym for Singapore (Malay: Singapura).

Since we are a true blue Singaporean, this cakenis series have a special place in my heart that I can connect to. The colors inspiration for this series is from our national flower. None other than the "ORCHID" flower which is a hybrid dicovered by Miss Vanda Joaquim. 

Caring for this flower is like caring for a woman. It has to be grown in a moist and well-draining environment with the right amount of light. Women in general pamper their faces with moisturiser (I started this a little too late in my early twenties) and I personally do not like hot weather and perspiring under my hijab. Windy sunny days are love especially when the tudung moves gracefully with the wind. It exudes elegance in us.

These are the three beautiful colors for Cakenis Temasek:
This is Rainforest from the shade of green.
This is terracotta from shade of red.
My personal favorite color!
Lastly, Medal.
Singaporean women are bold (they speak their mind) and independent
with an aura of elegance.
These colors, represent those beautifully!
You can even wear it for National Day in August!
Yes, it is available for you browsing & buying pleasure.
Much Love,
Dee <3


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