Cakenis Fume (Mood Republik Melaka)

October 04, 2016


Hi ladies!

There were new colors for Cakenis Fume that was only available at Mood Republik Melaka event recently by HQ (in case you have yet to know). Some of you lovelies were enquiring about it. Thus, I have ordered limited pieces of it. Since it was an event exclusive release shawl, there is slight difference in the price! Bummer, I know. This is beyond my control. Sorry, girls. 

If you love it and can't stop thinking about it, go grab it while you can!

Yes, very limited pieces and I may not even restock it.  

You can purchase this browsing through Cakenis (under 'Brand' tab)/ Shawl (under 'Product' tab). If you need any additional assistance, kindly whatsapp me at +6591281197. I will gladly be at your service. Allow 24hrs for reply as I am on attachment and running around with weird break timing or no break at all. My deepest advance apologies. Just bear with me till end of November when i'll be done with this attachment for good (Hurray!). Thank you for your kind understanding!


Much much love,


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