Cakenis Comeback!

December 05, 2016

Cakenis Comeback!

Recently, Cakenis celebrated its 1 year milestone!

In commemoration to that, Cakenis brought back 2 of its popular series.

Thats not all!!

These series was previously in Silk Chiffon which is sheer and the lighter colors worn may need an inner NINJA. For Cakenis Comeback, it is now in heavy chiffon! Material loved by hijabis out there since it is opaque and doesn't need a ninja. Who needs a ninja in humid humid Singapore right? Of course, I will still advise you wearing an inner (the serkup type only) to stabilise the material on your crown and use a pin if you need to put it in place. :)

Also, SOME of the colors have additional hook and repair kit. SOME colors were produced way before the implementation of the additional hook and repair kit. 

Lets celebrate Cakenis 1st year and get your hands on Cakenis Signature and Cakenis Bora-Bora! You can always buy it as a gift for all your hardwork since 2016 is coming to an end or you can buy it as a gift for you love ones. Imagine, how delighted they will be!

There is no restock for Cakenis Comeback once its sold out. While stock last!


Cakenis Signature

(Olive Grey, Classy Black and Dusty Pink)



Cakenis Bora Bora

(Mustard, Leafy Green, Fuschia)


Cakenis N9

(Cottoncandy, Pistachio, Peaches & Cream)


Don't you just love the colors??!!

You can always share a box with your love ones and friends!

Sharing is caring. Hehe.



Much Love,

RItzydee <3

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