Birthday Cake!

October 29, 2016

Birthday Cake!

To commemorate Hanis Zalikha's birthday month this October, CAKENIS HQ will be releasing a Limited Edition White Label- Birthday Exclusive Trio; CAKENIS BIRTHDAY CAKE. This collection will be packed in a box of three hijabs, just like our previous collection ie Cakenis Johor Cakenis Kedah etc. There will be three beautiful colours included in this collection namely; 

1) Buttercream
2) Pecan Praline
3) Choc Ganache


Coincidentally, my birthday falls on the month of October. To end this wonderful month of turning a year younger, I'm having a promo!

1) The retail price for Cakenis Birthday Cake is $65. We're having $5 OFF your box of Cakenis Birthday Cake, kindly purchase before 13 November.

2) Purchase 1 box of Cakenis Perak with 1 box of Cakenis Birthday Cake to entitled for further discount! Whatsapp me at +6591281197 for orders.

3) Some stuff here is on sale as well till ...... I have yet to decide on a date. We'll see how it goes.

Feedbacks with regards to anything are very much welcome! Feel free to email/whatsapp us. We try our best to accommodate/cater to you lovely people!


Much Love,


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