October 21, 2019


Lets take a sneak peak to whats coming soon in Ritzydee.

We are being some juicy everyday colors in by Syed Faizal Beauty BIBORANGE range.

Its a set of 5 lipmatte colors in everyday nude or orangey shades and a lip vinyl if you like those sheen glossy look or for those of you who have chapped dry lips.

Some of you maybe an avid BIBIR wearer and may have fallen for the shade Summer and/or Honey before. Yes these colors are in this set but goes by a different name.

There are 3 shades that make a comeback!

Summer is in shade Tangor.

Honey is in shade Tangelo.

Bumblesweet is in shade Tangerine.


You can even mix all these colors together too. Try and experiment it.


Update: As of 30th Oct 2019, BIBORANGE is instock.

Click here to add them to your cart. <3


Much Love,

Ritzydee <3 

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