Bazaar Ramadhan

June 20, 2016

Bazaar Ramadhan

Hello lovelies!

Yes, we are having our 2nd Bazaar Ramadhan for this month and the last one too!

Expect discountssssss!

I'll be bringing Cakenis Shawl only.

The rest of my products will still be online for purchase. Of course, the deals at lipgloss beauty room is better though! :p

Stay tune for online sale after we're done with our Bazaar Ramadhan.

This time round, there will be famous and awesome bakers at the Bazaar!

Personally, I've tasted SimplyNuha's cupcakes before and Qianzhanggg's marshmallow and its nothing short of amazingggg!

Beauty products will be sold too from skincare products (@whifflove) to cosmetic (@the.armoire). There's henna art too!

Do come by with your family and friends! However, do come early cos the food and bakes will be gone fassst. Hehe.

See you!!


Much Love,

Dee <3

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