Adlina Anis Registered Dropshipper

September 30, 2017

Adlina Anis Registered Dropshipper

Good news!

We are an authorized dropshipper for local brand, Adlina Anis.

Click here to check the list of their official authorized dropshipper.

Adlina Anis went back years ago with Adlina Anis selections. Why do I choose them...? They bring in products that I do not have and what better way to support and spread local products.

Some may say "its pricey" and "question worthiness of their money". Well, if you have the means why not...

Things you need to know to make your money worth:
1. Products are sewn meticulously. You can just take a look at their seams and see how neatly it is sewn
2. Material is chosen by Adlina Anis herself to ensure quality of products
3. They have stringent quality check especially the seams
4. Products are designed by Adlina Anis herself and even tested out before selling to customers
5. They have unique designs that makes you stand out a bit more
6. Their colors don't run! Adlina will personally test it multiple times to ensure that. ( you know how annoying when colors run to your favorite top/pants)

To date, I have a lot of Adlina Anis products. Some I have tested and some is still waiting for the right time.

Major love with their snoods and how the folds fall nicely with minimal effort. It doesn't make me sweat buckets unlike other snoods I had before. The coverage is just nice to cover my chest for the grande ones. The instant turbans is so easy to use just slip it on and hide your hair in it. Its good for a fuss-free holiday especially if you think you may feel jet-lagged or just too tired to iron the hijab. My latest rave is on their inner tube. It just fits nicely and doesn't budge much.


What is their bestseller?

Its their prints which gets sold out so fast. Within hours on the day of launch. In less than 24hours, some designs went sold out

Good quality products will last long and cut down spending cost in the long term. To me, my inners are very very important. I don't like it when the hijab slips or out of place. 


How to order?

We take in all orders for Adlina Anis priducts so long items are still instock in their website. Do browse through their website.

Why buy from us when you can just buy directly from their website...?

1. 5% off for first time buyers
2. 10% off next purchase when reached accumulated spending of SGD$200
3. Free shipping (normal mail & registered mail)

Since their products moves fast, do whatsapp me at +6591281196 for orders. When placing orders, do ensure that its your confirmed orders with you details (name, address, hp no., shipping method) so that we can secure your orders.


Much Love,

Dee <3

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