Added feature: Tutorials

June 24, 2016

The shawls we bring in may not be conventional shawl. Some may not know how to wear them.

We find that its very messy and disorganise to upload videos in Instagram(IG).

Why is that so?

1) We update our ig regularly and the videos get pushed back. 

2) The #ritzydeevideo hashtag may help but it can get confusing for some.

To make your experience a pleasant one, we have decided to add tutorials online categorise by the name of the shawl and the brand.

Feedback are most welcome.

We prefer to see our customer perspective to better cater to all.

Online shopping has to be easy, informative, accessible and organise. 

Blame it on my OCD-ness but I can't tolerate messy messy situations. Yikes! 

Nevertheless, we will still post videos on our IG.

We hope this helps! hehe.

On a side note, do come down this Sunday for our Bazaar Ramadhan at 57 Aliwal St (Lipgloss Beauty Room) from 1-5pm. I will not stay till 6pm as its too rushing for iftar. See you, lovelies!

Much Love,

Dee <3


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