March 15, 2016

Hello ladies&gentlemen!

Ritzydee is newly establish in February 2016.

I've been following Hanis Zalikha's instagram and her Cakenis instagram which was still empty with no post. It was love at first sight when I saw her innovative broochless shawl. Just 'HOOK!' and flip! You're done.

I've been wanting to get hold of the shawl but there was no authorised agent then in Singapore and I got it from Malaysia's authorised agent who went down to Singapore for COD. My first Cakenis Shawl was Cakenis Signature & Cakenis Auckland.

Why I love Cakenis Shawl:

1) Its broochless just hook! Convenient especially when I'm rushing.

2) The material is light, flowy and easy to shape.

3) The metal plate give a luxe feel to the whole shawl.

4) Its easy to iron unlike some instant or semi-instant shawl that you do just have to crack your brain on how to iron.

5) The shawl came in pretty boxes like a present! You can always buy this as a gift for others.

6) You can still use it like a conventional shawl.

Currently, there are 5 authorised Cakenis agent inclusive of Ritzydee. Now you can get your Cakenis Shawl with ease!

Its simple, you can either get yours here or whatsapp me at +6591281197.

Much Love,

Dee <3

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