Bazaar Ramadhan

June 09, 2016

Bazaar Ramadhan


This will be our very first Bazaar Ramadhan and Ritzydee very first public appearance! 

We're very excited yet nervous to meet all of you.

If there is any shortcoming on our side we will like to apologise.

Many say I have a stern and unfriendly look when I don't smile. Yikes!

No worries, I am very very approachable and do ask whatever you feel like asking and we will try our very best to help you!

We're not sure how the crowd will be like. Not knowing what to expect since its our very 1st booth.

We bought a few more hijab in and on BUSYYYY mode now juggling between quality check, packing, preparing and studying for exams amidst the household chores and school. Expect a slowwwwww reply on our side till Friday after 12pm.

Stay tune we will add on items online for your viewing if time is on my side ok!

I will try my very very BEST buttttt just expect that there might be some delay.

Sorry, lovelies!

Items will have slight discount at the booth plus you can feel and see it for yourself. 

However due to hygiene purpose, you can only try on the samples ONLY.

Items will range from $8 - $45 (after discount already) !

Make a date with us on this Sunday from 1-6 pm!

See you there. 


Much Love,

Dee <3

(p/s: I'm sharing my booth with 'WHIFFLOVE'. Go find them in instagram and browse through their natural homemade beauty and wellness products!)

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